2018 Recap


2018 has been a special year for Nexus Fitness. For one thing, we launched! In addition to that milestone, we had the privilege of getting to know so many amazing people in the Birmingham community. Thank you for your commitment to us, your perseverance during class, your willingness to contribute to our community, your positive attitudes and your dedication to being the best version of yourself.

As we look back on 2018, we remember a few milestones that brought us to where we are today:

  • LAUNCH: We officially opened our doors on March 3, 2018! Shoutout to those members who have been with us since the start.
  • BEST OF HOMEWOOD: Shortly after launch, we were nominated as one of Homewood’s Best Fitness Facilities. Thanks to everyone who supported us and helped make the nomination happen.
  • LAUNCH PARTY: On April 12, we held our launch party! We were joined by a few hundred supporters as Chris Wade thanked the crowd for helping to make his dream a reality.

  • UNLESS U: We donated a portion of our pre-sale proceeds to a cause our leadership and coaches feel strongly about, Unless U.
  • THE MURPH: The Memorial Day Murph workout was one to remember!
  • CROSSFIT FOR LIFE: In June, we launched our CrossFit for Life video, which was shared by CrossFit HQ for its inspirational message.
  • CROSSFIT KIDS: Nexus isn’t just for adults during CrossFit Kids classes! In the summer, we hosted a special class for kids to enjoy, too.

  • REFERRAL MONTH: We were blown away by the amount of people who wanted to give Nexus a try during the month of August. We’re looking forward to referral 2019!
  • MEPS CHALLENGE: Those with MyZone heart rate monitors crushed our MEPS Challenge in October!
  • THE ARRIVAL OF THE SKIERGS: We can probably all remember the first time we used a SkiErg (and how sore we were the next day!). We promise to always challenge our members with new moves and equipment.
  • POP-UP WORKOUT AT THE PIZITZ: We held a pop-up workout in downtown Birmingham and were excited to meet some new community members~
  • HALLOWEEN: We can’t forget about one of the most memorable days at Nexus Fitness… Halloween! From the ladies who dressed up as our coaches to the dedicated member who worked out in a bear costume, it was a day for the books.

  • NEXUSGIVING: We held a friendsigivng for our members and all left feeling happy and full.

  • CHRISTMAS WORKOUT: We doubt anyone has forgotten the sight of Ben and Jake in their Christmas onesies.

Cheers to these memories and the many, many more to come. Thank you for making 2018 an incredible year for the Nexus Fitness team. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds!