2021 Nexus Open


We are excited to announce the return of the Nexus Open, March 2021! The Nexus Open is a four-week long, in-house, team competition at Nexus Fitness beginning Friday, March 12. Both CrossFit and X⁴ athletes across four teams will compete for the title of the “Fittest Team at Nexus” and receive year-long bragging rights over your fellow competitors. 

Who can compete? 

Nexus members of all skill levels, both CrossFit and X⁴, can participate in the Nexus Open. Each workout will be scaled to fit your preferred class; however, dual members can only compete on one side of the gym and cannot switch disciplines between weeks. 

When do I compete? 

Due to COVID-19, we will not hold Friday Night Lights as we did in 2019. Instead, we will run competitions during the regularly scheduled Friday classes below: 

  • Week 1- Friday, March 12
  • Week 2- Friday, March 19
  • Week 3- Friday, March 26
  • Week 4- Friday, April 2 (this is a partner workout) 

Schedule those classes through the Nexus Fitness app as you would normally! 

How will workouts and scoring go?

Each week, we will release a new workout for both CrossFit and X⁴ programmed into Friday’s classes. The CrossFit workout will feature three categories: Rx, Scaled, and Foundations. X⁴ will carry two: Rx and scaled. We will add your score to your team’s overall total, and release the standings at the end of each week. The winning team will be announced following the partner workout on April 2! 

How do I sign up? 

To reserve your spot on a team, you will need to complete this form by Friday, February 26. Then, make sure to sign up for any class on each of those Fridays using the Nexus app. After you register, you will be charged $30 (which includes a t-shirt)! 

What should I expect after I sign up? 

On February 28, our coaches will draft their teams from a pool of all the participating members. Shortly after, we will notify you of your coach and team. Following the team announcements, you will have three weeks to find a buddy on your team for the April 2 partner workout. 

Who are the coaches? 

Chris Wade, Jake King, Ben Powell, and Matt Hengeveld will coach our four Nexus Open teams! 

How much is it to compete? 

The fee for competing in the Nexus Open is $30, which includes your team-specific t-shirt. 

We can’t wait to get the four-week 2021 Nexus Open competition underway! May the best team win.