Nexus Fitness is a fitness training facility offering both CrossFit and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Nexus Fitness aims to cultivate an engaging community where we invest in others and ourselves by building a positive environment, fostering meaningful relationships and delivering a high-quality experience. We commit to providing a space where coaches, clients and staff motivate one another to be our best selves, both in and outside of the gym, in order to build healthy lifestyles through fitness.

The sense of community and support at Nexus Fitness propels our members to reach new goals, make lasting friendships and become a part of something bigger than themselves.

Chris Wade, founder


Fuel Positive and Intentional Relationships

We believe people become their best when they invest in both themselves and one another. We provide an environment for people to create positive and intentional relationships that flourish both in and out of the gym. Whether you are trying out a gym for the first time with a friend, joining to meet more people in your community or experiencing the gym as a family, Nexus Fitness is a space for you to find support from those around you. By creating a space for members and coaches to form meaningful relationships, we believe we can build one another up to reach our personal and fitness goals.

Commit to excellence

Nexus Fitness is committed to using only the highest quality equipment, coaching and instruction in our facility. We offer two types of workouts in the same space, so you can be sure your body is getting the specific training it needs to be at its best. In each fitness format, our coaches take a personal approach to each member, understanding the individual's unique fitness needs. We are committed to making every aspect of your fitness experience excellent -- whether you're training for CrossFit, doing a HIIT workout or planning your next meal.

Growth through humility

We can all learn from one another, no matter what level we are in our training. We want Nexus Fitness to be a space for you to reach your personal fitness goals, while helping others reach theirs in the process. At Nexus Fitness, the gym experience is not about one single member -- we recognize that we are all working for the betterment of ourselves and one another. In recognizing that our personal health impacts more than just ourselves, we are able to produce growth in ourselves and those around us.

Invest in yourself and others

Nexus Fitness is not just a gym, it is a community. We feel strongly that the best training results from a combination of a high-quality fitness experience and a strong support group. We want Nexus Fitness to be a space where members feel encouraged and empowered to push themselves in and outside of the fitness environment. Fitness should not be done in isolation, and we commit ourselves to creating a space where every member feels like an integral part of the Nexus Fitness community.


Nexus Fitness is home to some of the top coaches in the area.
They’re here to work alongside you as you meet your fitness goals.

Chris Wade Gym Founder
Jake King Head Coach
Tristan Rittenhouse CrossFit Coach
Ben Powell CrossFit Coach
Steph Robinson CrossFit Coach
Caleb Dale CrossFit Coach
Hannah Davis X⁴ Coach + Social Media Handler


Our brand-new facility was built with our members in mind.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment, like Torpedoes and TrueForm Treadmills, to ensure you’re getting the best and safest workout possible. In addition to large locker rooms complete with safe storage areas and showers, our facility also features a lounge and consultation area.