August Referral Program


How many times have you had the thought, “My friends or colleagues would really enjoy Nexus Fitness!”? Now is the chance to invite them to join you! TODAY, Nexus Fitness is launching […]

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TrueForms vs. Treadmills


If you’ve been to an Xcel class at Nexus Fitness, we don’t have to tell you that TrueForm runners differ greatly from traditional treadmills. A TrueForm is a non-motorized treadmill designed to […]

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Meet Coach Jake


Meet our newest CrossFit coach, Jake!   Jake has been with Nexus Fitness for a little over a month and has already been a great addition to our coaching team. Jake started […]

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CrossFit for Life


  If someone told you CrossFit could be the key to giving you more energy, and therefore more motivation to spend time with your family, would you do it? Finding motivation to […]

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CrossFit Kids


CrossFit Kids is happening at Nexus Fitness! CrossFit Kids is a class offered for kids who have completed kindergarten to fifth grade. This class gives them a chance to use their energy […]

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