Benefits of TRX Block


Innovative training at X⁴ starts with workouts focused on what you need. X⁴ offers four training blocks utilizing a high-intensity interval training program: Trueform, TRX, Capacity, and Strength. The TRX station focuses explicitly on low-impact resistance training and muscle building. 

TRX stands for “total resistance exercises,” and allows you to access the benefits of resistance training to master strength, flexibility and core stability with lower levels of impact than traditional free weights. Using suspension, TRX provides the tension your muscles need but limits fatigue for a quicker recovery during the session and before the next block. TRX also works well with X⁴ because of its ease of use and comfortability for both new users and seasoned athletes.  

There are several exercises our X⁴ coaches program into workouts when using TRX straps. Two of those being the Pike Tuck and the Knee Tuck. You perform the Pike Tuck with your feet in the straps, hands on the ground, and as you pull your knees towards your stomach. The Knee Tuck is similar, yet you are more parallel to the ground. Both of these exercises are low impact and programmed to help strengthen your core.

Interested in trying TRX straps and low-impact training for yourself? Sign up for an X⁴ class to see what it is all about! If you are a CrossFit member, come try them out on the other side of Nexus! If you are an X⁴ member, bring a friend to show them why you love the TRX station!