October MEPS Challenge


If you don’t have a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor, now is the time to get one! During the month of October, Nexus Fitness is having a MEPS challenge! This means we will […]

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CrossFit Kids Recap


We loved our CrossFit Kids classes and are sad to see them come to an end! This is a program took place three times per week during the month of July and […]

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August Referral Program


How many times have you had the thought, “My friends or colleagues would really enjoy Nexus Fitness!”? Now is the chance to invite them to join you! TODAY, Nexus Fitness is launching […]

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TrueForms vs. Treadmills


If you’ve been to an Xcel class at Nexus Fitness, we don’t have to tell you that TrueForm runners differ greatly from traditional treadmills. A TrueForm is a non-motorized treadmill designed to […]

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