Nexus Fundamentals Course


Nexus Fundamentals FAQ What is the Nexus Fundamentals course? The purpose of this class is to teach the foundational body weight and weighted movements associated with CrossFit. The CrossFit training method utilizes […]

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Nexus Health Recap


Nexus Health was a new-to-Nexus Fitness holistic health program that launched in February and lasted for 8 weeks through the end of March. This program was designed by Nexus staff in an effort […]

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Nexus Youth


We’re launching Nexus Youth (formerly CrossFit Kids) this summer at Nexus Fitness! This is a month-long program for kids ages 5-12 that will take place three times per week. “[The CrossFit Kids] […]

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Nexus Yoga


Nexus Fitness is launching Nexus Yoga, a recovery yoga class that will take place every Sunday from  2:15-3:15 PM at Nexus Fitness. Whether you’re a member or not, you can join us […]

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Nexus Superlatives!


Throughout our first year at Nexus Fitness, we have encountered some pretty incredible people. Every single member, coach and supporter contributes to the Nexus community that makes Nexus, Nexus! As we celebrate […]

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