Coaches Appreciation Month


Nexus Fitness is not only known for its state-of-the-art facilities and challenging workouts but also for its unique community. That community would not be possible without the amazing Nexus staff!

During the month of September, we highlighted all of our staff members for our Coaches Appreciation Month! Thank you to everyone who submitted a coaches shoutout or commented about what you love about each staff member. Read below to see what some of our members love most about our staff. 

1. Chris Wade- Chris is the founder of Nexus Fitness and X⁴ Fitness. When creating Nexus, he sought to build a place where people could come together and invest in themselves and each other. Let’s hear what members had to say about something other than his dance moves and singing… 

“Truly one of the best people I know. Thank you, Chris, for taking the idea of Nexus so seriously and making people’s lives better every day. Nexus is what it is because of your heart and vision. Horrible…dancer.” 

“I love this guy! He’s my favorite Clemson fan (by far) and a dear friend of mine. I drop everything to travel with him (when he lets me), and we’ve ALWAYS got something good to talk or laugh about. Until my voice box gives out, it’s CWAAAADE all day!” 

2. Matt Hengeveld- Matt is an X⁴ and CrossFit coach and a key contributor of Your4. Matt will push you to go heavier and harder but understands the importance of balance in your fitness routine. 

Matt H – even when he coaches those early classes he brings his A-game! He calls you on your form and pushes you at the same time! He’s high energy and super encouraging!”

”We can always count on Matt for an extra encouraging word or helpful tweak to our technique. He’s a great motivator!”

“‘Fix your mindset.’ Matt spoke those three words to me early on in my pregnancy because he could tell how frustrated I was by the limits that pregnancy brought to my CrossFit workouts. At the same time, he always pushed me to work hard within those newfound limits and reminded me these limits were not forever. I was a safer pregnant athlete because of him. And now, 4.5 months postpartum, he is still pushing me to go hard within my postpartum limits. I know I will reach full recovery soon, and I owe a lot of that to the impact Matt had on my mental game!”

3. Meag Hengeveld- Meag is our resident Your4 nutrition expert! Meag strives to help individuals inside and outside of the Nexus community change their nutrition habits and find their long-term solution for a healthy lifestyle. 

Meag was so thoughtful with her approach to me. She listened well and always provided sound feedback to me throughout the process. She was the perfect balance of accountability and encouragement.” 

“Meag changed my life. I feel confident with myself and have a well-rounded fitness and nutrition lifestyle thanks to her!” 

4. Hannah Rogers- Hannah is a X⁴ coach and posts on Nexus’s Instagram stories. She is funny and provides excellent encouragement and motivation. 

“You are pushed to the limit with Hannah! I love taking her classes because she watches your event move and you get away with nothing! You will hear compliments on your form and speed, and don’t ever think you will stop before the 3, 2, 1 because she will watch you!” 

“I love Hannah Rodgers! She always motivates me to push a little harder and she does the best job explaining the workouts!” 

“She always keeps it interesting and pushes you to be your best! She’s such a great encourager!”

5. Lauren Heos- Lauren is a part-time X⁴ coach whose laugh and smile is contagious. 

“Lauren only has one downfall in her coaching… she memorizes your speed and makes sure you keep it or go faster! If you want to work hard and get encouragement that is specific to you…take her class. You will leave feeling better at the end of the class than the beginning!” 

6. John Hand- John is a part-time CrossFit coach who serves with a servant’s heart. We love the passion that he brings to coaching and working out at Nexus. 

“I love taking John’s class! So kind and truly has a servant’s heart. Thanks for all that you do!”

“Man, what an absolute STUD!” 

“He is an example of pushing yourself to the highest level.” 

7. Jake King- Jake is a CrossFit and X⁴ coach and programs all the workouts for Nexus Fitness and X⁴ affiliates! Jake is the master behind the madness, but we love that he wants us to get better, even if it’s a hard workout. 

“Man, I am crazy about Jake! I know I give him fits during class, but he chooses to find creative ways to push me anyway. The man’s music is on point, and man can he program a challenging workout! Thanks for making us all better, Jake!” 

“Jake is great at finding modifications for movements that I can’t quite do since surgery. It’s always modifications that still absolutely push me but keep me safe too!”

“He is so kind and the most patient person! Such a great coach!”  

8. Caroline Scroggins- Caroline is a part-time X⁴ coach who offers the best encouragement. She cares about your day and wants you to leave better than you came. 

“Caroline is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. She pushes me and is genuinely so excited when I can hold my pace or higher.” 

“The knowledge she shares about form makes a huge difference when you are performing a movement. She will cue you and your mind will automatically check to see if you are following her instruction. Her coaching has an attention to detail and she is personal in her direction. One of the core values of Nexus is creating positive relationships and she is the definition of that core belief.” 

9. Haley Hill- Haley is the gym manager and always is encouraging others, lifting people up and ensuring everything runs smoothly! Haley started as an original Nexus member and we are so happy she has joined the staff! 

“I don’t like to play favorites…but Haley is my FAVORITE! Her cheerful, positive attitude is so uplifting. She is funny and so kind. She makes Nexus a better place by her presence!” 

“Haley is always energetic and kind, even before you were the manager. I remember one day you told me that you started driving from Hoover to come to the gym because you really believed in what Chris was trying to build in Homewood. You have been a faithful advocate and member of the gym! Thank you for always being so kind too!” 

“Haley is always smiling and upbeat! She does the little things in quiet that make all the difference. I 100% noticed her servant’s impact after she started working at the gym!”

10. Ben Powell- Last but not least, Ben Powell! Ben is a CrossFit coach and programs the  X⁴ At Home workouts. 

“He pushes me harder than I think I can go and tells me to go heavier. He is so full of joy and it elevates the atmosphere of the whole room. He makes workouts fun!” 

“Ben is fun, energetic, hilarious and extremely knowledgeable. This man knows how to work a playlist while making sure we know the purpose behind all of the movements we do. The confidence he has in all who he coaches is immeasurable. He is a gem, and I’m so glad that we have him at Nexus!” 

“Ben creates great workouts for at-home. While I am not back in the gym yet, Ben and the  X⁴ At Home workouts still make me feel like I am part of the community!” 

It is clear that each of our staff members provides great classes, excellent encouragement, pushes us harder and keeps us safe during our workouts. Nexus Fitness would not be the same without them!