Core Value Highlight: Growth Through Humility


Growth through humility is one of our core values at Nexus Fitness. From our coaching philosophy to our location expansions and even down to our class structure, we strive to create an atmosphere focused not just on individual progress but the betterment of the community as a whole.

At Nexus, growing through humility means striving after your goals in a way that supports the efforts of others in achieving theirs, a process of considering and encouraging those around you. This sense of humility was just a dream in 2017, but now because of our incredible members, it is a reality. Our members have built a place where people can come and learn as much from one another, if not more, than from Coach Matt yelling about perfect rowing form. 

We know from our own experience and the feedback of our members that a health and fitness journey is much more than just physical adjustments and outward aesthetics, but an opportunity to contribute to holistic personal growth. And as shown through other facets of life, personal growth requires help from others. 

Everyone has areas where they can become better, at Nexus, we want to help you get there. We hope that each time you walk through our doors, you feel encouraged and ready to try new things, without fear of failure. Together, we can learn so much more and accomplish almost anything. Nexus Fitness will continue to grow with our members through humility and strive to better ourselves every day.