Core Value Highlight: Invest in Yourself and Others


From the beginning, people have come together from different parts of life to accomplish something that benefits the whole, showing true strength in numbers. That opportunity for mutual advancement inspired our beloved core value “invest in yourself and others.” We want Nexus Fitness to be a place where all can gather to better themselves and better others.   

We believe the best training results come from a high-quality fitness experience surrounded by uplifting accountability. Nexus is not about a single member or a single coach but rather a place where members and coaches can work together to help each other grow. Nexus is where our members are empowered and encouraged to push themselves inside and outside of their fitness environment. Let’s be honest, few things outside of setting a long-time PR or finishing a heavily anticipated event beat the feeling of laughing with your exercise buddy before a class about the upcoming torture, crushing that partner workout, or seeing your friend accomplish their long-pursued goal.  

Fitness should not be done in isolation. We grow more with the support of a community lifting each other up than on an island of solitude. Somehow the weight seems lighter and the distance seems shorter with a room full of people in the trenches together. We are all an integral part of the Nexus community and play a pivotal role in helping each other become the best versions of ourselves. We want to see all of our members reach their goals, and the best way to do it is to work together as a community.