CrossFit Kids Recap


We loved our CrossFit Kids classes and are sad to see them come to an end! This is a program took place three times per week during the month of July and something that we look forward to coaching each summer.

Jill Thomas enrolled her children in CrossFit kids and loved how the classes taught them to listen well, work with one another, and encourage other classmates and respect others.

“Those lessons coupled with the confidence-building and character-building happening in each class made CrossFit Kids the highlight of my summer,” said Jill. “From my kids’ perspective, CrossFit Kids was by far their most favorite hour of the day and probably the highlight of their summer, too!”

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Jill said he children left each workout excited to talk to mom and dad about what they had done, nothing that they had gotten stronger each class!

“They LOVED the coaches and how engaging and fun they were, and they LOVED the challenge of each exercise, ultimately feeling stronger and more confident after each class,” Jill said.

The coaching staff at Nexus Fitness enjoyed coaching the kids and are already looking forward to next year!


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