Get To Know Coach Hannah


Take a second to get to know a little about one of our newest X⁴ coaches, Hannah Rogers!

Tell us about your fitness journey: 

I was a competitive gymnast for close to 10 years, up until my senior year of high school! After choosing to graduate high school a year early and study abroad, I decided to quit elite level gymnastics to pursue traveling and live across the world before heading off to college. While living abroad, I quickly had to find something to not only get me back into the fitness feel, but also something to fill my time when there was NOTHING to do during the freezing months in Sweden – this is where I first began to fall in love with the weight room and more “bodybuilding” style workouts. Throughout my freshman year of college, I was always working out and eating really well, but I began to really miss the competitive aspect of fitness that I always had as a gymnast. The spring of my freshman year, I competed in the first of five bodybuilding competitions. As much as I LOVED the discipline and self-determined aspect of bodybuilding, I began to feel burnt out in the weight room and wanted a sense of community. Ultimately, I fell in love with the intensity, competition and camaraderie that I found within the CrossFit community, and am so thankful it has led me to find Nexus + X⁴!


Have you always loved working out: 

I don’t think I’m alone in this, but ABSOLUTELY NOT. Much like many others, I struggled for a long time to find the balance between working out because I felt like I needed to and working out because it truly made me feel better and because I sincerely enjoy it. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit + the X⁴ program that I really began to fall in love with fitness for how it made me feel. With that said, I’m 100% human and definitely not always motivated, but having found that balance, fitness will always be a part of my lifestyle.


What can you expect when you attend one of your classes? 

What CAN’T you expect! Not only can you expect a huge smile from me as you walk in, but also so much encouragement from other members, some awesome Nexus playlists and you are 100% guaranteed to sweat.


What kind of music do you play during your classes? 

A mix of everything! I am definitely not a music guru or mix master, but I try to pay attention to what keeps people moving and motivated, and sometimes even dancing between sets (I’m looking at you, Matt G!). All of the coaches at Nexus do a great job at creating playlists to keep the members pumped and encouraged, but we LOVE to know what you guys like and want to hear so we can be sure it’s included in our daily playlists!


What is your favorite thing about coaching? 

The community, hands down! Do I love having a job where I get to wear workout clothes and be around fitness all day? Heck yes. But the members at Nexus make all the difference in the world. Getting to know who they are and their story has been so much fun; they make my job easy!


Where can we find you when you’re not at Nexus? 

Professionally, I work full time in the operating room at UAB Highlands! So most of the time during the week, you’ll find me assisting in total joint replacement surgeries if I’m not on the mic at Nexus.  For fun, you can find me at any farmer’s market (Pepper Place, anyone !?), any coffee shop or one of my all time favorites… TRADER JOES.


3 things you may not know about me:

    1. I have a golden doodle named, Lilly! Despite her being close to 100 pounds, she DEFINITELY thinks she’s a lap dog. She loves sweet potatoes and other doods, so if you have one – doodle date ASAP!
    2. I went to the University of South Carolina – Go Gamecocks! Sorry @ Chris Wade.
    3. Favorite food – anything breakfast! I’ll never turn down a brunch date. Breakfast for dinner? SOLD.