Get to Know Coach Lauren


Meet Coach Lauren

Tell us about your fitness journey: 

I’ve always been active. I played soccer through college, ran on the cross country and track team and swam in high school. I picked up long distance running after marrying my husband Trip (a 5am CrossFit regular, sort of 😉 ) while he was on his first deployment with the army. Since then, I’ve ran seven marathons and countless half marathons. I started CrossFit in April 2012 as something to do with Trip and improve my running pace and became addicted! Now incorporating X4 has been the perfect combo!  


Have you always loved working out?

Oh no! After college, my endurance struggled and I couldn’t run for 5 minutes straight if I tried. I was super discouraged but stuck with it. Eventually, I got to where I was running for an hour straight and became curious about how far I was going. I bought a GPS watch, and that’s where it all began. 

With CrossFit, I was on the training bar for what felt like years because of mobility issues but eventually graduated from the training bar and really started to love it. I appreciate now staying on that training bar for so long because the focus was always on form and technique. It pays off!!



What can you expect when you attend one of your classes? 

Lots of energy, smiles and motivation! The TrueForm is my favorite, so you’ll especially hear me coaching/pushing you on that block!


What kind of music do you play during your classes? 

It’s kind of a random array of music from rock to rap to EDM. Definitely a lot of EDM. The randomness suits my personality because I am sort of all over the place!  

What is your favorite thing about coaching? 

Developing personal relationships!! I love getting to know the members and being a witness to their personal health journeys. 


Where can we find you when you’re not at Nexus? 

I work as a dental hygienist for Dr. Jimmy LeCroy part time and love it!! Mostly, you’ll find me with my 2-year-old girl, Emery. We are usually out and about with some sort of activity like the Zoo, McWane Science Center, library, or Let’s Play. So if anyone wants to have a weekday play date, let me know!!

On the weekends, Trip, Emery and I travel a lot! Our entire family lives mostly in Greenville, South Carolina so we go there often. We are planning a trip to Europe next year so if anyone has any recommendations, let us know!! We’re thinking Switzerland!