Get To Know Our New Saunas


Saunas are officially open at Nexus Fitness! Our saunas were designed with luxury and relaxation in mind with an added focus of safe, natural and healthy healing. Plus- they’re a great way to relax after a hard workout. We’re excited for this new addition and we know you guys are, too! But before you get your sweat on, check out these frequently asked questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sauna is at Nexus Fitness?

We use an infrared sauna rather than a steam sauna. A steam sauna is going to have a lower temperature than a traditional dry sauna, but it is also going to employ large amounts of heated steam, which creates a humid experience. Infrared saunas do not use steam and rely fully on the heat from the infrared heaters.


How do I use the sauna at Nexus Fitness?

Press the power button once to turn on the sauna. Allow it to be on for 10 minutes before getting inside to allow the heaters to come up to optimal temperature and for the cabin to warm. When you enter the sauna, set the time to the desired session time and turn the thermostat up to 150+F. This will keep the heaters on the entire time to ensure that you are receiving infrared heat. To adjust the temperature, hold the up or down arrows and release when you have come to your desired temp. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your sauna session. Press the power button at any time during your session to stop the sauna.


How long should I use the sauna?

Starting out, we recommend that your session not exceed 30 minutes.


What is chromotherapy and what does each color mean?

The healing power of color has proven to be an effective tool to adjust body vibrations to frequencies, resulting in health and harmony. Our bodies need light energy to function properly and without it, we are simply depriving our systems of its vital chemical balance.



What are some of the benefits of saunas?

Saunas have countless benefits for both your mental and physical health. The most noticeable benefit is sweat, and the release of toxins. It’s not only good for your skin, but it also rids your body from toxins from food and drinks.


How can saunas affect my blood pressure?

The high temperature exposure in saunas helps blood vessels expand, which helps improve circulation and lowers blood pressure. This allows your body to pump more blood throughout your body without significantly raising your blood pressure; the effect is similar to that of a brisk walk. But don’t get us wrong – this can’t replace a workout!


What are the benefits to my endurance level?

Saunas can have a direct effect on endurance, resulting in a longer amount of time before you feel exhausted during a workout.


Can I continue to burn calories while I’m in the sauna?

Yes, you can prolong the benefits of sweating well past your gym session by sweating it out in a sauna.


Should I use the sauna before my workout?

While relaxed muscles are one of the benefits of sauna after a workout, they can be detrimental going in to your exercises. Damage and injury is likely to happen if your muscles get too relaxed before a hard workout.


Are there any risks to saunas?

Everything in moderation! Avoid the risk of overheating and becoming light headed by saving the sauna for after your workout and only going for short amounts of time – and always remember to hydrate!


When can I use the sauna?

The saunas are available during gym hours and are available to all members. If you have any specific questions email