Holiday Eating Tips From Your4


With the holidays approaching, Your4 Nutrition Coach, Meag, took some time to share some of her holiday eating tips! Check out her advice below!

We all love the holiday season for the cooler weather, special traditions, the intentional time spent with some of the people that mean most and, of course, all the delicious food! For some, the thought of a juicy turkey served with warm dressing and buttery mashed potatoes drenched in gravy, shortly followed by a huge piece of pumpkin pie immediately gets our stomachs growling. For others, a day about food carries a heavy burden of anxiety and guilt about throwing away a hard run of disciplined decisions. Fortunately, whether you’re the first to the table or the one second-guessing every bite, we have compiled a helpful list of quick tips to help make sure you experience a day that your tastebuds and digestive system will enjoy! 

  • Start your day with a small protein-focused breakfast. 

If you go into the big meal starving, you’re way more likely to eat food just because it’s there instead of enjoying what you eat. Fuel your body in the right way before the meal so that you make better choices throughout the day!

  • Portion your food, don’t graze!

Appetizers before the big meal are a big part of Thanksgiving. Since we are typically eating as we move around and talk, we don’t realize how much we take in. Get a plate, portion out the appetizers you want and take the plate with you. You will be much more mindful of how much you eat if you practice portion control. 

  • Fill your Thanksgiving plate once and enjoy the food! Don’t go back for seconds. 

You can fully enjoy Thanksgiving food without pushing your stomach to it’s limits! Eat slowly, enjoy the food that’s on your plate! You will feel SO much better later on if you don’t overindulge just to meet the day’s expectations. 

  • If alcohol is a part of the day, have a glass of water between each drink. 

I think we all know this one, but we don’t actually practice it. Alcohol affects everything about your body, especially sleep. Making sure you’re well-hydrated will not only reduce the caloric intake of alcohol, but it will also leave you feeling so much better the day after Thanksgiving. Don’t drag the sluggish feeling throughout the whole weekend! 

  1. If you’re hungry that night, have a small protein-focused snack before bed. 

There’s no need to “restrict” just because you had a large meal earlier in the day. 

A small snack can help you get a really good night’s sleep (especially if you’re staying hydrated) and prime you for an excellent weekend! 

It is 100% okay to take care of your body and make that a priority. You can do this and still enjoy the social time and food that the holidays offer. Implementing these small tips can help you not feel restricted but put you in control of your food choices so that you feel your best!