Introducing NexUS Health!


We are excited to announce a new program at Nexus Fitness: NexUS Health! Sign ups start now and last until January 25.

What Is NexUS Health?

NexUS Health from Nexus Fitness on Vimeo.

NexUS Health is a new holistic health program launching at Nexus Fitness. This program was designed by several Nexus coaches who are passionate about helping people live healthy, balanced lifestyles.

NexUS Health focuses on the main four pillars of living a healthy lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise.

Of course, exercise if our main focus at Nexus Fitness. While the importance of exercising cannot be understated, it is only one pillar that
builds a foundation for an all-around healthy lifestyle. We are passionate about exercise, of course, but also about sleep, nutrition and stress management as pillars of overall health and wellness.

Everyone has heard the phrase “you can’t out-train a bad diet.” It is often left unsaid that you can’t out-train poor sleeping and poor stress management, either. These areas have a profound affect on our health as well, which is where the holistic health philosophy of Nexus Health comes in.

What is the NexUS Health Program?
The NexUS Health Program will be an 8-week program running February 4th to March 29th. The program includes several components:

• Body composition testing with a pre and post-program DEXA scan.
• Weekly workshops held at Nexus Fitness on various topics lead by professionals in their respected
• Daily hand-picked articles on the topics we discuss in the workshops.
• Guidelines for diet and meal planning based on body type, goals and lifestyle factors.
• Individualized time blocks for a personalized, in-depth look at a member’s specific needs.
• Tracking system spreadsheet to keep track of diet and exercise throughout the 8 weeks.
• Fitness assessments and and daily workout tracking.

The program will mainly be led by Coaches Ben and Jake.

What are the details of NexUS Health?


During the program, we will provide nutritional guidelines that are flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle.
Knowing that nutrition–just like exercise–is not a one-size-fits-all approach, we will be focusing
on the quality of food and the amount consumed. Together, these two aspects of diet create consistency, and with consistency
comes results. There really is no “secret” when it comes to being consistent and sticking to a
healthy lifestyle, which is why we believe it is important to find the balance that fits into your life.

Body Composition:

During these 8 weeks, we will build a base for how we look at our health and fitness through body comp and fitness assessments, educational workshops and articles, as well as several other areas to help guide you in this journey. A key part of this program is the ability to track change through the DEXA scan.

What is a DEXA scan?

The DEXA (duel-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan provides one of the most highly-accurate
measurements of body composition available, registering fat and lean mass distribution
throughout the entire body. In simple terms, it is capable of detailing overall, as well as regional,
fat mass, lean mass, and bone mass for each individual. Specifically, it provides the following:

• Muscle mass in each region of your body (kg)
• Fat mass in each region of your body (kg)
• Body fat percentage in each region of your body
• Estimation of Visceral Adipose (fat) tissue
• Bone mineral density
• Estimation of Resting metabolic rate (RMR)
• Graphs that show your body composition data compared to evidence-based reference
• Printed and emailed PDF of your report to keep

Who is leading the program?

This program is being led by the coaches at Nexus Fitness, who are inspired to better serve the Nexus Fitness community through a holistic health program. These coaches have spent months and months conducting research about all topics covered in the program. Additionally, each workshop will feature a new speaker who is an expert in his or her area of expertise, ranging from chefs to college professors.

Who is the NexUS Health Program for?

This program is for anyone and everyone. Everyone has different backgrounds, lifestyles, hobbies,
interests and stressors, but we are all on the same journey in health and fitness.

Some of us may be at the starting line with little to no knowledge or prior history how to live a healthier lifestyle, while others may be dialed in and making leaps towards their goals already. Many will fall somewhere in-between.

How can I sign up?

Sign up at this link. Sign ups are open until January 25. If you are not currently a member of Nexus Fitness but would like to participate in NexUS Health, let us know and we will walk you through the membership process.

What is the cost of participating in the program?

The NexUS Health 8-week program will cost $300. This price includes the DEXA scans (2) at Samford University, the seminars with access to experts in the pillars of health, diet and fitness tracking methods and personalized health coaching.

We hope you will join us on the NexUS Health journey!