Introducing Our New Referral Program!


We are excited to launch a year-long referral program! Do you know someone looking for a new gym or updated fitness routine? Be the final shove they need to get in the grind. We know that your time and influence is valuable, so to show our gratitude we’ve built a full-fledged program to give you rewards for every person you refer! The more you push the more you pull!

Here are the details: 

  1. For every friend you refer, you get a $50 Visa gift card (up to 5 friends).
  2. Refer a 6th friend = additional $200 credit to Your4.
  3. Refer a 7th friend = additional $300 reward for a couple’s getaway.
  4. Refer an 8th friend or more = $500 credit for a cruise!

For example:

Let’s say you refer eight friends in 2021. For each of the first five, you’ll get a $50 Visa gift card for a total of $250. For the sixth referral, you’ll get an additional $200 credit for Your4. For the seventh another $300, and for the eighth, a huge $500! If you consider it all together, it’s up to $1,250 worth of rewards.

To be eligible for these prizes, the person you refer must remain a member at Nexus for at least three months. We will distribute your reward after this three month period. An equivalent cash allotment is redeemable in lieu of any prize. Just make sure your referral lists you during their Mindbody registration!

Start telling your friends why you love Nexus! Get them to try a free class to see what the hype is all about and then give them the strong encouragement we all need to keep going. We can’t wait to have your friends and family join us in the gym! Have questions? Email us,!