Life Changes From Xcel: How Lindsey Culver found new energy through her workout routine


I first joined Nexus in May of 2018 after trying it out a few weeks before my birthday. I had never been a member of a gym for more than a few months at a time, and didn’t have the expectation that I would join Nexus after that first visit. I loved the Xcel class so much, and loved the fact that I could work at my own pace without everyone else in the class paying attention to what I was doing!  I’ve been in class with Chris and Jessica over the past year – they are both great coaches who help when you need it and really push you to your personal best. I loved seeing my friends and making new ones within the Nexus Community.

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While I’m still working toward my weight loss goals, my overall lifestyle has greatly improved since joining Nexus!  I have much more energy at home with my kids and feel stronger. I am a professional photographer and small business owner by trade (, and didn’t ever anticipate the impact that fitness would have on my professional life as well.

I hold a charity event every December where I shoot and am on my feet for about ten hours straight. For the past six years, I’ve been utterly exhausted during the event and for days following, but amazingly I felt just like normal this year after having done HIIT all year with Nexus! My job also requires a lot of movement – up and down, playing with kids, running around after them.  This is much easier after regularly taking classes at Nexus.

I’ve now been with Nexus over a year and still loving the Xcel classes.  I like how the workouts change every day and no two workouts are alike. I’ve encouraged many people who are intimidated by big gyms to give it a try like I did!

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