Meet Coach Brandon


We are excited for you to get to know your CrossFit coach, Brandon, a little better! Brandon is a gymnastics coach and has found a passion in his leadership role with CrossFit at Nexus Fitness.

Brandon started as an athlete under Coach Chris Wade years ago. He fell in love with the idea of CrossFit and the community that it promotes. Inspired by the CrossFit community, Brandon started studying to become a certified trainer, and has now been coaching for almost four years!

When you attend one of Brandon’s classes, you should expect a light, laid back, and fun atmosphere. Brandon likes to keep the energy high and focused. You can expect to hear hip-hop music, unless he can sneak in some aggressive tunes here and there (just no Pantera or no guitar solos).

His coaching style is very detail oriented, to make sure his athletes are lifting and training safely. He takes more of a teacher’s approach than a cheerleader’s approach, but will always make sure to teach and motivate you through your workouts.

You can also expect to do a few of his favorite workouts, which to no surprise consist of gymnastics movements. He loves any workout that involves Olympic lifts and double-unders!

When Brandon is not coaching, he spends his time with his friends and family, traveling for gymnastics, or hanging out with the gymnasts he coaches every day.

If you haven’t already, we can’t wait for you to attend a high-energy CrossFit class with Brandon! If you’d like to try a CrossFit class, give us a call to reserve your spot today!