Meet Coach Jessica


We are excited to introduce you to the head coach of Xcel at Nexus Fitness, Jessica. Jessica will take on this leadership role on the Xcel side after having years of experience coaching HIIT training.

Jessica grew up loving sports and was as a cheerleader at Samford University. During her time at Samford, she began living a healthier lifestyle, which changed her life.

She began to make fitness and health a part of her routine, training for marathons and working out on a consistent basis. Health became her passion, and she went on to complete her first marathon at just 21 years old! Once running started to become stale, her dad talked her into attending her first ever group fitness class with him. From that moment, it was game over. Jessica changed her major to Exercise Science and decided to devote her career to change lives through fitness.

Jessica’s favorite workouts involve anything power-related. She loves shorts bursts of high intensity work. Deadlifts, squats and anything that works her legs and glutes are her favorite exercises to perform.

Her goal as a coach is for athletes to leave class feeling great and with a heightened sense of self-pride. Jessica is very personable and her goal is to know each member so she can challenge everyone in the way that resonates best with them.

Jessica spends her time outside of the gym with her husband, her adorable dog and her 7-month-old baby boy. She also enjoys spending time outdoors playing on the lake, going to concerts and trying out new brews at local breweries.

We can’t wait for you to experience a high-intensity and energetic class with Jessica! If you’d like to try an Xcel class, give us a call to reserve your spot today!