Member Highlight: Cory Minton


The Nexus community is what makes Nexus so special, we have an amazing group of members that show up every day, invest in themselves and others, and have fun while doing it! Meet one of those members, Cory Minton!

Cory is a native Texan transplanted to Homewood by way of a lot of other places in his journey. Cory’s day job is working as a Strategist for Splunk, the world’s leading data platform. Cory gets to do some pretty interesting things with McLaren’s F1 and Esports teams that Splunk sponsors. On the side, Cory runs a media company called and they host a top 10 podcast, working as influencers in the tech industry.  But the best part of Cory’s life is being married to Millie Minton for almost 16 years and getting to parent Bea (9) and Teddy (7) with her.  They’ve mixed work and pleasure to travel the world over the last several years with trips to 19 different countries and tried to encourage other families in global travel through their blog,  Cory and Millie were members at OrangeTheory before joining as CrossFit members at Nexus. Get to know Cory and the things he loves about Nexus below! 


How did you hear about Nexus? When and why did you join?

My good friend, Sam Marcrom introduced me to Nexus and he started me in X⁴.  I tried CrossFit the next week and fell in love with the heavyweights and the whole vibe. After three years at OrangeTheory, I was just not seeing new results and I looked around the classes and noticed most folks looked the same. I walked into the CrossFit class and saw folks who were built the way I wanted to be built and figured this was the way to get there.


How would you describe yourself as a Nexus member (e.g. dedicated 5amer, hardcore CrossFitter, etc)? 

I am typically a 6:15er when I go alone, but my favorite is to go with Millie and let the kids play in childcare at the 8:15 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. classes! We sweat, kids play and we all leave happy!


What is your favorite thing about Nexus Fitness?

I love the encouraging vibe in the classes. There are folks at a lot of different levels in the classes but everyone seems to be there for the same reason. The way folks encourage and cheer on others is quite unique.


How has Nexus helped you achieve your fitness goals? What specific results have you noticed?

Nexus’ CrossFit classes are helping me get past a plateau in my body responding to cardio-based exercise.  The heavyweights and big movements are reshaping my body and making me far more athletic and ready to keep up with my kids.  I’ve shed 10lbs in my first six weeks but the impacts on my physique are far more impressive to me so far.


How has your life been impacted since joining Nexus Fitness?

I’ve met a bunch of new folks that are part of the Homewood community and it makes me feel even more connected to my town.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining Nexus? 

Do it. Join and don’t be too intimidated to ask questions if you ever feel lost or uncomfortable in the movements.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

The playlists during the workouts are pretty awesome…can you share those? (Ask and you shall receive, Nexus’ Spotify is linked here!)