Movement Highlight: Programming


Nexus Fitness offers two workout class options, CrossFit and X⁴. Have you ever thought about the benefits and purpose of the programming for these two classes? We want to share with you the advantages of both classes at Nexus and how we intentionally program each workout to be different and unique.

When it comes to CrossFit and X⁴ it’s important to distinguish the specific and separate purposes of these programs. At Nexus, we strive to help our members find comprehensive growth in their health and fitness. Whether you’re a former athlete or a busy parent just trying to sneak in one or two workouts a week, we want you to leave each class feeling encouraged and blissfully exhausted. CrossFit and X⁴ work on your body in different ways yet both provide unique benefits to help you reach your fitness goals. 

CrossFit quite literally is “cross” “fit”, meaning it does not specialize in any one area of fitness, but rather all aspects of fitness including power lifts, aesthetic work (bodybuilding), bodyweight training, interval work, sprints, endurance, core movements, mobility training and more. Each class blends strength and conditioning work with the official CrossFit workout of the day. You will see significant variations in workouts. One day you may see lower body strength work paired with a conditioning workout, and the next day may incorporate upper body pushing and pulling with a longer aerobic workout. We design these workouts to cover all aspects of fitness throughout the week to challenge every system and muscle group. 

X⁴ is Nexus’s own unique “HIIT”(high-intensity interval training) and “MICT” (moderate-intensity continuous training) program built around four stations: TrueForm, Capacity, Strength and TRX, each focusing on different workout styles and movements. While X⁴ has more of a daily emphasis on metabolic conditioning, all of the areas focused on in CrossFit are still prevalent in the X⁴ program.

The TrueForm station meets the demands of HIIT and MICT work through running intervals and other types of movements that vary in demand and intensity. The Strength station is where you will see strength and power movements, using moderate to heavier weights. The Capacity station incorporates HIIT and MICT style work through our unique Concept2 machines like the bike and rower, as well all other types of exercises from weighted compound, bodyweight and core movements. The TRX station utilizes TRX straps and focuses on more isolation and control for the upper body, lower body and core. This station also mixes in the use of the Concept2 machines and other movements depending on the workout to meet certain intensities. 

For both CrossFit and X⁴ workouts, you can expect variety, hitting different time domains and intensities as well as different movement variations of squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling and carrying. The different time domains and movement patterns will dictate effort and intensity as well as the trained muscle group for that specific day. 

Whether you are doing a CrossFit or X⁴ class at Nexus, you can put in the work to better yourself knowing we put in the work to make sure you got the most effective workout. Up for a challenge? After reading about the programming for our CrossFit and X⁴, why not try a class a different class? CrossFit members, try an X⁴ class and see how the programming focuses on metabolic conditioning. X⁴ members, try a CrossFit class and see the emphasis on strength and conditioning that might differ from an X⁴ class!