New Faces of Nexus


We are excited to welcome new coaches to the Nexus family! By now, you have probably joined Coach Jillian, Zach or Kevin for a class and have seen Hannah and Sarah at the front desk but how well do you know them? Learn more about the new faces to Nexus and why they love Nexus below! 

You probably walked past Hannah at the front desk, or have spoken with her on the phone and experienced her kind hospitality. Hannah moved to Birmingham from Rodgers, Arkansas and enjoys spending time outside and staying active. In her free time, she loves going to the lake with her family.

If you have not taken an X⁴ class with Coach Jillian, you need to! Coach Jillian adds excitement and encouragement to every class she coaches. Originally from Peachtree City, Georgia, Jillian is currently on the search for the best iced coffee in Birmingham. Make sure to share your favorite iced coffee next time you see her! When not inside coaching a class at Nexus, Jillian takes every opportunity to venture outside. Her favorite outdoor scenes are the hiking trails around the mountains and canyons of Utah. Jillian hopes to travel the world someday with Iceland and London ranking high on her travel list. Jillian first joined Nexus as a member because she wanted to continue to challenge herself physically.! “I heard that Nexus pushed people to become better. I craved a place that would push me past my limits but know how to encourage me through it all. A friend told me that Nexus made him stronger but also created an unmatched community and he was 100% correct!” Sign up for a class with Jillian as she pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

Zach is another new face for the X⁴ classes. Zach hails from Marietta, Georgia and lives in Birmingham now with his wife. Outside of coaching, Zach enjoys doing projects around the house and reading a good book with a cup of coffee. Zach and his wife are parents to an English Bulldog named Ellie that goes everywhere with them. A fun fact about Zach? He would love to spend a month or two with his wife experiencing the different cultures and cities of Europe. When asked why he joined Nexus, Zach said “initially because of its proximity to our house, but ultimately because of the incredible culture from the coaches and the members. Also, the programming is SO GOOD and the way that each workout humbled me in a good and challenging way was awesome.” Next time you are in a class with Zach, ask him to demonstrate his jump rope skills! 

Sarah joined the Nexus team to help manage the front desk along with Hannah. Sarah is from Hoover and can be found around Birmingham hiking at Red Mountain or picking up dinner with some friends to go watch the sunset at Tip Top Grill, Vulcan Park, or a parking deck downtown. When traveling outside of Birmingham, Sarah’s ideal vacation is spending time at the beach and hopes to travel across the world. When asked about Nexus Sarah said “Nexus is truly the epitome of having a second home and from the moment I met everyone working there, I knew it was the kind of environment I wanted to work in!! Everyone is constantly radiating positivity and encouragement, and they always have a smile on their face no matter what!” Next time you walk into Nexus, introduce yourself to Sarah. We are grateful to have her as a part of our team! 

Last but certainly not least, meet our new CrossFit Coach, Kevin! Kevin is from historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and recently moved to Birmingham from Tuscaloosa. As a new resident to Birmingham, Kevin welcomes any recommendations on how he should spend his free time in his new home. When asked about his bucket list, Kevin expressed how much he wanted to see the Great Wall of China one day. Kevin heard about Nexus from Coach Ben and is excited to get to know the members and our city! When you see Kevin, tell him your thoughts on the best of Birmingham! 

We are grateful to continue to add to our Nexus family and hope you enjoy getting to meet the new faces of Nexus Fitness!