New Years Resolutions


Did you know that 50 percent of adults in the United States make New Year’s resolutions, however, less than 10 percent keep them for more than a few months? What makes keeping a resolution so hard? At Nexus, our mission is to help you keep your fitness resolutions all the way through the end of the year! Check out these tips on how to successfully fulfill your 2021 fitness goals.

  1. Find a partner– Accountability is key when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Finding a workout partner to hold you accountable for staying focused and achieving your goals will not only set you up for success this year but also will help you build a stronger relationship with that person. Working out is always better with someone pushing you to be the best version of yourself, so why not take that a step further this year with accountability? Whether your goal is to never miss a Monday or attend one more class a week, we are here to help.
  2. Discuss your goals with a coach–  Your coaches can provide you the expertise to make sure your goals are realistic and achievable, and they can even give you specific instructions to push your body to the next level. If you are trying to hit a new PR on a machine or mile, we got you covered. Trying to improve your weight training? Our coaches can help you set the tone in the gym for this year to achieve your goal. Challenge yourself to try something new! If you are a CrossFit member, try an X⁴ class, X⁴ members, give our CrossFit classes a try! 
  3. Make your health a priority- Set goals for yourself with a holistic view in mind. Focus on your sleep and stress levels! Set a bedtime routine and stick to it. Develop healthy ways to reduce stress. If you feel stressed at work, take a five-minute walk around the block, or your office, to clear your mind. Develop a nutrition plan! Whether you hire a professional (we know a great one!) or set a goal for yourself like eating more vegetables this year, your nutrition is an important part of your process.