Nexus Community


If you have heard of Nexus Fitness, then you have heard about the Nexus Community. 

The Nexus Community is one of the many things that makes Nexus Fitness unique. This community of members gives Nexus Fitness its vibrant and lively personality. The 5:00 a.m. class baffles while motivating the afternoon crew with their early morning energy, the amazing coaches and staff go above and beyond to support their members, classes bond over a tough workout and get stronger together over time. These moments result in friendships and lasting connections that extend far beyond the Nexus Fitness walls.

During these tough times, the Nexus Community kept our coaches, staff and other members going. We heard from Chris Wade about how much each member means to him, we saw the awesome membership shoutouts, we watched the virtual and socially distant workouts and through the continued uncertainty, one thing remains constant; the Nexus Community is stronger than ever and we are all better for it. 

When Chris Wade started Nexus Fitness, he developed core values for the gym: fuel positive and intentional relationships, commit to excellence, growth through humility, and invest in yourself and others. While some of these core values apply to individuals, many of these are maintained and fostered through the Nexus Community. Today, this community continues to fuel intentional relationships. When someone new tries a class the community goes out of their way to ensure they feel welcomed and encouraged. The Nexus Community invests not only in themselves but their fellow members. The friendships formed and the relationships grown show how the Nexus Community cares and invests in one another. 

So thank you. Thank you for coming to Nexus Fitness, but more importantly, thank you for being a member of our Nexus Community! 

“For my husband and me, Nexus has been one of the only things that has remained consistent throughout these crazy times. We can always count on being pushed hard by the coaches, being encouraged by other members, and laughing our way through the pain every morning at 6:15 a.m. Nexus is family to us!” – Jessica Gilmore

“Nexus is more than just a gym. It’s a community and a family. Nexus is the place where I not only get a great workout and where I am encouraged to do more than I thought I could, but it’s a place where I have made life-long friends. I never walk into Nexus without seeing a smiling, familiar face- friends and coaches who are glad to see me and make me want to keep showing up and keep pushing.” – MK Riggs 

“The Nexus Community is a group of individuals brought together for one goal, to better themselves in fitness! The Nexus Community pushes each other to grow every day with uplifting attitudes and a positive outlook on the day. To me, the Nexus Community is the perfect combination of a family atmosphere mixed with enough competitive drive to excel and get better!” – Austin Shiver

“During these times, Nexus has gone far and beyond to make me feel safe. I am the healthiest physically and mentally than I have ever been. All credit due to the coaches and the gym!” – Sammy Lorino 

“The community fostered here goes beyond just the workouts. It’s one of accountability and integrity. When you arrive at the gym, and the coaches and community are more concerned with how you are doing as a person over just your PR, that’s when you know you’re part of something bigger than yourself.” – Robert Sturdivant 

“Nexus is a judgment-free zone, a place where I feel comfortable in my own fitness journey while building relationships with others and having fun. A place where I can dance, laugh, express myself and be encouraged at the same time.” -Clarisse Jackson