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Nexus Fundamentals FAQ

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  1. What is the Nexus Fundamentals course?
    1. The purpose of this class is to teach the foundational body weight and weighted movements associated with CrossFit. The CrossFit training method utilizes several key movements that athletes will consistently see as they take CrossFit classes and progress in their strength training. The Fundamentals Course teaches these movements so you are able to smoothly transition into CrossFit classes with a knowledge of how to safely and effectively perform the movements. While, at Nexus Fitness, coaches review the movements at the beginning of each class, it will be helpful for you to have the base knowledge needed to start the class at a higher level of understanding. 
    2. During the Fundamentals Course, we will teach you each step of a complicated movement, understanding that not everyone will go at the same pace along the way. For example, we often start with a PVC pipe to demonstrate barbell movements. From there, you can remain with the PVC pipe or progress to a 15, 35 or 45 lb barbell, with or without weight added on from there. The same is true for the progression of the movements. 
    3. The Fundamental program Includes a strong base of movement knowledge that will build as well as compliment an active and healthy lifestyle.
  2. What are the specific skills taught in the class?
    1. Foundational barbell movements
    2. Gymnastics and bodyweight movements
    3. Mobility
    4. Nutrition
    5. Movement Progressions
  3. Who should take the Nexus Fundamentals course?
    1. Nexus Fundamentals is for both non-members and members. If you are looking to get into CrossFit, this class will provide you the needed base to get started. 
  4. When will Nexus Fundamentals take place?
    1. The class will take place during the first 2 weekends of each month, on the following days:
      1. Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
      2. Sunday 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
  5. What if I miss one of the four sessions?
    1. You must be available for three of the four fundamental sessions
    2. If you miss one session, there is a $35 make-up fee. You will then work with a fundamentals coach to schedule your makeup session
    3. If you find that you are not able to make it to 2 or more sessions, you will need to wait until the next month to join fundamentals
  6. What is the cost for Nexus Fundamentals?
    1. Non-members: $250
    2. Members: $100
  7. What is included in the price of Nexus Fundamentals?
    1. Four small group sessions lead by Nexus CrossFit coaches
    2. Six CrossFit classes to use for the remainder of the month

Nexus Fitness Fundamentals