Nexus Health Recap


Nexus Health was a new-to-Nexus Fitness holistic health program that launched in February and lasted for 8 weeks through the end of March. This program was designed by Nexus staff in an effort to educate and help people to create healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Nexus Health focused on four pillars of living a healthy lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise.


Nexus Fitness

Of course, exercise is our main focus at Nexus Fitness. While the importance of exercising cannot be understated, it is only one pillar that builds a foundation for an all-around healthy lifestyle. Sleep, nutrition and stress management are also three of the main pillars that contribute to overall health and wellness. These areas have a profound effect on our health as well, which is where the holistic health philosophy of Nexus Health comes in.

Over the 8-week period, our members met for weekly workshops to hear from qualified speakers on the different pillars that Nexus Health focused on. The participants were given daily hand-picked articles on the topics discussed in the respective workshop, a before and after body composition DEXA scan, guidelines for diet and meal planning based on body type, goals and lifestyle factors, individualized time-blocks for a personalized look at a member’s specific needs and a tracking system to keep track of diet and exercise through the 8 weeks.

Although the program was only 8 weeks long, the members were taught how to incorporate their new-found healthy habits in their lives even after Nexus Health concluded.

“Nexus Health came around at the perfect time…” said Matt Qualls, Nexus member of 8 months. “I started out very strict where I was eating foods that I really didn’t want to, not drinking with friends during social environments, etc. From weeks 3 on, I began to find foods that fit the Nexus Health guidelines and started doing things that I wanted to do. I found a routine that fits into my daily schedule, but more importantly, one that I enjoy.”

Matt now drinks a gallon of water daily, makes it a priority to start his day with a good breakfast, goes to bed at 9:30 instead of 11, and plans a healthy dinner (and when he doesn’t have time to cook, found a healthy meal to order from Chipotle), among other healthy habits he formed during the 8-week program!

Another participant, Doug Wylie, who participated in the program with his wife Liz, said besides nutrition and exercise, he had taken the other aspects (sleep and stress management) of Nexus Health for granted.

“I was under the impression before [Nexus Health] that 6 hours of sleep is perfectly fine,” said Doug. “I learned a lot from Dr. Chandler’s presentation and [corresponding] podcast episode about sleep that really made me rethink my sleep strategy.”

Liz and Doug have been continuing the changes now that the challenge is over, setting new goals and setting up meetings with the coaches for guidance on the next step.

“Stress management is something I have gotten better about,” added Doug. “I never meditated before this and I have found that practice to be particularly calming… I also realized that I need more variety in my fun activities. For the most part if I didn’t take my dog on a walk at the trail, I probably didn’t do anything active for fun.”

The coaches called the program a success and are looking forward to making Nexus Health a yearly tradition!

“Nexus Health was a time where we all were able to take an honest assessment of where we are in our lives when it comes to our health as a whole,” said Jake King, CrossFit coach and Nexus Health leader. “We were able to adjust our lifestyle and daily choices and balance them with our goals and commitment level, in doing so, creating a sustainable plan that will carry far past the 8-week program.”

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Overall, participant that shared their DEXA results in the program reported positive results, but what’s most important is the information they gained to guide them through a life full of healthy, but enjoyable, habits.