Nexus Health Sessions: Learn How to Get Involved


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nexus Health?

Nexus Health is a program offered by Nexus Fitness. This program is available to our members as an additional service, and focuses on the four main pillars of living a healthy lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise. Members have the opportunity to receive one-on-one health coaching from Meag Hengeveld, our Nexus Health coach, and to participate in our annual Nexus Health Challenge. 


How much do sessions cost? 

As a Nexus Fitness member, you have the option to receive three free general health and wellness consultations, or to receive three months of personalized nutrition coaching. Sessions cost $120 per month and a $60 discount if you pay upfront. 


Who has access to the three complimentary Nexus Health sessions? 

All members of Nexus Fitness!


What will I learn in my sessions? 

While we will always address the topics of sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise, your session will be personalized to fit your needs. During each session, a specific goal will be set to work towards the following week that will help you find balance in a healthy lifestyle. 


Where do the sessions meet? 

You’ll meet Meag Hengeveld, our Nexus Health coach, at Nexus Fitness for your session.


How do I sign up for my session? 

Email Meag Hengeveld at She will then send you a link to sign up for a time slot via her Calendly link.


What are the four main topics covered by Nexus Health? 

Nexus Health focuses on four pillars of living a healthy lifestyle: sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise. 


What is the difference between the Nexus Health and the Nexus Health Challenge?

Nexus Health is an ongoing program at Nexus Fitness. As part of the ongoing programming, we offer an eight-week challenge. 

Over the eight-week period of the Nexus Health Challenge, our members meet for weekly workshops to hear from qualified speakers on the different pillars that Nexus Health focuses on. The participants are given daily hand-picked articles on the topics to be discussed in the respective workshop, a before and after body composition DEXA scan, guidelines for diet and meal planning based on body type, goals and lifestyle factors, individualized time-blocks for a personalized look at a member’s specific needs and a tracking system to keep track of diet and exercise through the 8 weeks. 


When is the next Nexus Health Challenge? 

The next Nexus Health Challenge will happen in spring 2020!


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