Nexus New Year


Starting the New Year means the pursuit of change and an eagerness for a fresh start. The Nexus community is off to a great start this year, but it’s time to help your friends reach their New Year’s goals, too (and maybe it’ll also help you reach yours)!

This month only, Nexus Fitness has relaunched our Referral Program with new and improved benefits!

During the month of January, we’re giving 50% OFF all memberships! Tell your friends and family to sign up before January 31st to receive the discount. When they do, you’ll be rewarded!

  • Refer one person and you’ll earn a Nexus t-shirt
  • Refer two or more people and you’ll get a $100 gift card to Lululemon
  • Don’t stop at two, because we’re giving away a pair of AirPods to someone who refers three or more people!


So… what now?

If you’re a current member, refer some friends! Tell your friends and family to use this form on our website to sign up for classes, making sure they put down your name when prompted. 


What if I’m not a member? 

If you’re not a member of the Nexus community yet, now is your chance to try it out! Your first class is free, and if you sign up anytime between now and January 31st, you get 50% off your first month of membership! You can join us for CrossFit classes, X4 classes or both. To receive the discount, visit this form. Our gym manager, Haley Hill, will be in touch with you shortly!


Some FAQ’s:

  • Question: How do I refer someone?
    • Answer: Tell your friends and family to use this form on our website to sign up, making sure to list your name when prompted. We will follow up with them once they submit!
  • Question: What counts as a referral?
    • Answer: You will receive a referral credit when someone you refer signs up for a membership. Interested parties must sign up for any membership by midnight on January 31st for the credit to apply.
  • Question: How do I tell people about this program?

As always, contact us with any questions or concerns!