Nexus Nutrition is a one-on-one nutrition coaching program that is based on you and your lifestyle. Our end goal is nutrition education, so by the time the program is over you not only have the results you want, but you also know exactly how to fuel your body without guilt over certain foods. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or performance nutrition, we can get you there in 12 weeks.

What makes us different? We have different options based on your level of need. If meal prepping, logging food, grocery shopping, and cooking are things you don’t have time for, we’ve got you covered! Whether you want to follow macros, a meal plan, or have all meals made for you, we tailor it to you!

I lost 25 pounds in about 9 weeks.

Michael Eady, Customer

How it works:

Step 1: Initial Consultation – this does not commit you to anything. It’s simply to let you meet with Meag to get to know her as your potential coach, and so she can get to know you and your goals! Knowing more about you and your motivations will help Meag coach you better. You can also use this consultation to ask any remaining questions you have about the different program options.

Step 2: Decide you’re ready to change your life! Fill out our health questionnaire, decide on which option is best for you.

Step 3: We go over everything we’ve talked about during the initial consultation and the health questionnaire and create your individualized plan. You receive your plan and you’re ready to get started!

Step 4: During the 12-week program you will receive whatever level of support you need. The more you communicate, the more your coach can help you succeed!

Step 5: Stay consistent every single day. Weigh in twice a week, take pictures once a week, and take measurements once a month.

Step 6: Start seeing results!! You’ll be a lot more confident in your nutrition AND your body as you move through the program. You’ll also be given the tools to make this a sustainable lifestyle so that your results are permanent!

Program options: 

One-on-One Nutrition Coaching 

  • Individual macro plan or meal plan that changes as your body changes
  • Accountability from Meag
  • Twice a week check-ins/weigh-ins
  • 24/7 email access to Meag
  • In-person or video consultation every 2 weeks
  • Meal plans based on foods you like
  • Recipes/grocery lists
  • Food Recommendation Guide
  • FAQ guide

Meet Meag

Meag and client

Who is Meag? After working in restaurants for several years, she quickly realized she wanted to help people have a healthier relationship with food. She graduated from Jacksonville State University with a degree in dietetics in 2016. Ever since earning her degree, she’s worked one-on-one with people helping them get the body composition results they want, and educating them on how foods work with their bodies, so that they are able to sustain (and enjoy!) a healthy lifestyle. You can also learn more about Meag’s personal journey with nutrition in her blog linked here.