Nexus Youth

We’re launching Nexus Youth (formerly CrossFit Kids) this summer at Nexus Fitness! This is a month-long program for kids ages 5-12 that will take place three times per week.
“[The CrossFit Kids] lessons coupled with the confidence-building and character-building happening in each class made CrossFit Kids the highlight of my summer,” member Jill Thomas said. “From my kids’ perspective, CrossFit Kids was by far their most favorite hour of the day and probably the highlight of their summer, too!”
During classes, your children will complete a downscaled workout coached by one of the Nexus coaches. This workout will involve activities like jumping jacks, planks and jogging. At the same time, they will learn to listen well, work with one another, and encourage other classmates.
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See below for answers to all your FAQ’s!
  1. When will Nexus Youth be offered?
    1. June 4- June 27, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:45 – 11:30 AM
  2. What is the cost per child?
    1. 5-8 year olds: $129
    2. 9-12 year olds: $159
  3. Is there a multi-child discount?
    1. 10% off on your second child registered
  4. Where will Nexus Youth take place?
    1. The classes will all take place at Nexus Fitness on the CrossFit side of the facility
  5. Who will coach Nexus Youth?
    1. The class will be led by a combination of Chris Wade, Jake King, Ben Powell and Matt Hengevald
  6. Is this class only offered for the children of members?
    1. Nope! Children of both members and non-members can join for the same rate
  7. How can I register for Nexus Youth?
    1. Register through ZenPlanner:
      1. Open ZenPlanner and navigate to the “Sign Up” page
      2. Select the option that fits your needs, then you’re good to go!

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