Stronger Together: Katie and Jenny McIntyre’s Journey Through Nexus


Katie McIntyre and her sister Jenny are loyal to Nexus Fitness and you can always find them at our 5 a.m. workout class! They have always been close, but having each other as workout partners and holding each other accountable has only strengthened their relationship.

When and why did you each join Nexus Fitness?

Jenny: Honestly……Katie talked me into it. She talks me into most things & more times than not I agree whether it’s wine tastings, 5ks or half marathons. I also think it’s important to support local when you can!

Katie: The family environment, the coaches, the music, the hilarity that ensues at each class…..the list is honestly endless. We all have days where we don’t feel like going to the gym or we just sleep through the four or five alarms that we set to wake up BUT what keeps us coming back each 5am class is the feeling you get when you’ve dominated and started your day off the right way.

What is your favorite thing about Nexus Fitness?

I love the people & community! The 5am class is a crazy bunch everyday & I love it! They keep me motivated!


How has your life been impacted since joining Nexus Fitness?

Jenny: I feel great! I didn’t think my body would be able to continue to wake up at 4:30a 4 days a week but look at me feeling deceivingly strong J

Katie: Well apart from having the physique of a model lol it’s improved my overall health and my endurance. I really enjoy running and with the mixed full body workouts I’ve improved my overall strength and endurance which REALLY helps in the recovery after running long distances.


Tell us about your relationship and how Nexus has impacted it!

Jenny: Katie & I have been best friends since day one! We grew up traveling so all we had was each other! I think at Nexus we hold each other accountable (especially me having to make sure Katie wakes up to her alarm…man that girl loves her sleep :D) I think we are always in a healthy competition with each other (especially me because Katie is a beast!) which I think motivates us too.

Katie: If I’m being completely honest, if Jenny wasn’t in class with me and called or sent me a text each morning I’d probably miss more classes. Even at 5am when we’re half awake it’s nice to spend some time together, encouraging one another to keep up on the weights you’re lifting, or not stopping when you really feel like it.

What goals have you achieved since starting Nexus?

Jenny: Waking up consistently at 4:30a 4 days a week!! I feel strong both mentally & physically!


The 5AM class is quite the crew…tell us why you love it!

Jenny: No one is ever too serious! It never feels like you are working out! We sing, dance & are always encouraging each other to be better!

Katie: Ha! We are QUITE the crew! I love the 5am class because you never really know what’s going to happen when you walk in the door. We’re all loud, love to dance, laughing is a MUST and it’s a lot of fun. Working out at 5am was never something I thought I’d enjoy, mainly because it’s at 5am…..but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, really keeps you going. I’d say that the 5am peeps are now some of my greatest friends because they’ve seen me at my worst, they’ve let me know when I’ve walked into class with my shirt & pants inside out and we all want each other to succeed in our health and fitness goals. One thing that was very special to me was when Jenny was getting married everyone was so incredibly happy for her, helped us celebrate her class ‘Nexus sesh before the dress’ and let her know how gorgeous she was from the pictures. Having friends who celebrate with you is amazing!


What has surprised you the most since joining Nexus?

Jenny: Again, waking up at 4:30a 4 days a week!!!! Also, it’s a great place to be! No one is ever too serious & even the owner blends right in with us all!

Katie: How much my body can really endure.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining Nexus Fitness/starting a new fitness routine?

Jenny: DO THE FREE CLASS!!!! Try it out! Come to the 5am class & see what Nexus is really all about & how fun working out can be without even realizing it! If you don’t like it, well you will cause it’s so great!!!

Katie: Go ahead and at least try a class because it’s free! If you love it that’s even better but if you hate it, who cares because it was free! 


Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jenny: Keep things the way they are because it’s an amazing facility, group of coaches & trained strong ass people!