Welcome to Nexus Fitness!


Welcome to Nexus Fitness! The purpose of this blog is to help guide you along your fitness journey by further educating you in health, wellness and all things Nexus Fitness. Our desire is that this blog will be a source of encouragement as you take the steps to becoming your best you, both inside and outside of the gym.

This blog will offer resources to help equip you to perform your best in workouts. It will include wellness tips and overall ways to improve your health inside and outside of the gym.

CrossFit involves constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. We will share proper form and technique on the blog so you will be ready when you are ready to increase intensity in your workouts.

For XCEL, we will share information about the tools and equipment we use so you can have the ultimate, full-body workout. The blog will demonstrate how to properly use Trueform treadmills, Concept 2 rowers, Assault bikes, Torpedoes, TRX straps and specific bodyweight movements.

If you ever are confused about a workout or movement, the blog, along with your coaches, will be your best resource!

Nexus Fitness aims to bring a sense of community that propels people to new heights, goals, friendships and ensures that they become a part of something bigger than themselves.

Because of this, we want our members to know more about each other’s lives and fitness successes. This blog will include stories of our incredible members and their inspiring journeys.

We hope this blog will help the Nexus Fitness community grow together. Thank you for your overwhelming support. We cannot wait to walk beside as you reach your goals!