X⁴ At Home


While our doors have reopened, we understand that not everyone is ready to join us back in the gym. However, Nexus Fitness wants to continue to provide you with the best fitness experience possible, so we created  X⁴ At Home! 

 X⁴ At Home allows you to experience an X⁴ class from wherever you are. Whether at home or traveling, you can still get a great workout. 

X⁴ At Home offers equipment, non-equipment, mobility and endurance workout options that fit your needs. We use a private Instagram account to post daily workouts, along with briefings and instructions. The Instagram account is meant to be interactive, so anytime you have questions, you can comment or DM the account and get a quick response from one of our coaches! We love seeing pictures from your at-home gym set up, so be sure to tag @x4_athome. 

Through an exclusive discount, current Nexus Fitness members can now get daily X⁴ At Home workouts for just $9.99/month! Know someone who isn’t a Nexus Fitness member but think they would enjoy X⁴ At Home? Non-Nexus Fitness members can join for $19.99/month.

“X⁴ At Home has been vital to my ability to stay healthy, happy and productive while staying at home during the pandemic. Chris and the crew did what they do- they listened closely and actively supported all members of the Nexus family. The programming continues to evolve and grow, and I still feel like a part of the Nexus Community. I am so thankful for the care, details and hard work that Chris and the coaches put into each part of the Nexus experience. I miss seeing everyone in person, but in the meantime I am thrilled to have the X⁴ At Home option. I know that when I am ready to come back, I’ll be able to without missing a beat!” – Joe Chandler, Nexus Fitness and X⁴ At Home member. 

Joe Chandler

To learn more about X⁴ At Home and to sign up, please visit www.x4fit.com, or if you have any questions, please email Ben Powell at ben@nexusbirmingham.com. We look forward to continuing to sweat with you, either in person or virtually!