At Nexus Fitness, Xcel stands for heart rate-based high-intensity interval training. This high-energy class format utilizes MyZone heart rate monitors to track progress and effort throughout each class and over time. In Xcel, you will never use a barbell. We use Trueform treadmills and Concept 2 rowers for the cardio portions of the workout. For strength exercises, we use Torpedoes, TRX straps, and bodyweight movements. You’ll be led by experienced, enthusiastic and motivating fitness coaches who are dedicated to your success.



Xcel is a great change up from what can feel like a monotonous workout. Other workouts can feel like Groundhog’s day. With Xcel, every workout is different and I always feel like I’m getting the most out of my 50 minutes.

Anna-Marie Ellison, Member